About Aria Singing For Charity in Fountain Hills, AZ

Aria Singing for Charity in Fountain Hills AZ

Aria Narang is a High School Student  and absolutely loves music. She has been playing the violin since she was four, and the guitar for many years. She has also been singing for a long time, and really wants to spread the music at different restaurants, charities, private events, etc. Sing to Give helps to do these things by donating a portion of any  proceeds she earns at these gigs to different charities around the Scottsdale/Phoenix area. Aria sings for charity to help out the many families in need through this program, and she aspires that many of you will join her in this journey.   She is availalbe  to play your favorite hits on Violin or the Guitar and she has several original songs she has written that she would love to share with everyone!